Episode Guide

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Episode 1

Name: Earthfall

Release date: June 16th 2010

Views: 925522 (VODO)

Plot Synopsis: When a mysterious object crashes into Montana, Homeland Security first treat it as a terrorist attack; the truth, however, is far stranger.

Episode 2

Name: The Man from Mars

Release date:

Views: 895594 (VODO)

Plot Synopsis: When the truth about the Martian origins of the rocket is leaked to the press, can Tom Taylor locate the mole?

Future Episodes

Episode 3

Name: Alone in the Night (IMDB)

Release date: By the end of March 2011

Plot Synopsis: "we'll be spending a lot of time with Yuri, our supposed Martian cosmonaut" (interview)

Episode 4

Name: Triangular Diplomacy (IMDB)

Release date: Two weeks after episode 3.

Plot Synopsis: "a perspective on the events of the story from the outside world." (interview)