Monday, 26 September 2011

Spoiler Free Review of Episode 5

What can I say about episode 5 without spoiling it? I'm going to offer some disjointed thoughts:

I think it's no exaggeration to say it's probably the best yet, both in terms of the presentation, pacing and plot. As the trailer suggests, there are more variations in shots, more action and so on. I once read that nobody ever walks away from watching a film thinking "That was well edited." If you've noticed the editing, it's not well edited, if it is well edited you don't think notice it. This applies here (in a positive way); over the course of the series the technical aspects and the performances have strengthened with each episode and with this one I had to force myself to remember it was made on a tiny budget, which I suppose isn't really the point.

"All it takes is a little imagination"

Some major character arcs are resolved and a number of outstanding plot points are resolved. Subtle background character motivations have come to fruition and there's a possible new romantic triangle.

"They never tell me anything".

As a proud beard-wearer I'm more than happy to report that the bearded Russian character doesn't disappoint, in fact he's my new favourite character and I certainly hope we see him again. There are some pretty major reveals in this episode... or are there? It seems that investigations are going in two directions, and not everyone can be right... or can they? I thoroughly get the sense that the next episode finale will be very different in scope and style.

Some sprinklings of comedy are especially welcome.

If you're quick and in the NY area you can get down and see it tonight.

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