Monday, 14 November 2011

Some thoughts on the finale....

I've been doing some thinking about the P1 finale. I've been meaning to post this for ages, and here we almost on the eve of episode 6.

The press release says:

It ends with a sudden burst of jaw-dropping events and a surprise ending that will leave viewers reevaluating everything they thought they knew.

So what can this mean? Well here are a few theories. I should say I have no advance knowledge beyond that which appears in the spoilers.
  1. Yuri's not from Mars. This could mean one of two things: a) He's completely lying and essentially MacLellan's theory is correct, i.e. he is a terorrist or some sort of ne'er do well. Personally I think this is unlikely for a whole host of reasons, not least as it would mean the whole Mars theme would be dropped and give Walzer nothing to do as a character. b) He's from 'space' but not from Mars. This could mean he's from the Moon, but would mean Yuri is a liar as he's pointed out Mars on a map and he mentioned life on Mars, which couldn't exist in the vacuum of the Moon. Alternatively he could be from Deimos or Phobos, Mars' moons. This seems much more likely plot-wise and physically possible. 
  2. Yuri's not lying but not told the whole truth.  This could mean a number of things: a) There's a whole city / village of people up there. b) He's not the only one returning. Either someone else has returned or will do in the last episode of this season.
Extra seasons are planned of course, so it has to be some sort of revelation which will open new avenues, rather than him having brought back mars flu and killing the entire ensemble.

What do you guys think? Stay put for some spoilers.....

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