Thursday, 10 February 2011

Another Easter Egg

I just found another easter egg; this is from the original version of episode 1 where you see Zachary's office. There's a close up pan across his board and this is clearly visible. I think Commies from Mars is a much better name than Pioneer One (joking). What's interesting is that this is absent from the refix version with the new actor.


  1. I was sorry we had to lose this, but it wasn't for any significant story reason. We folded in re--shoots for episode 1 at the end of our production block for 2, 3 and 4. When it came time to do this little scene, we realized we no longer had the set dressing from the first shoot and we had limited time with the actor, so we had to make do. I'd like to restore it somehow for the DVD release, along with some other little fixes.

    -Josh Bernhard

  2. Thanks for the info. It's part of a great shot that establishes the character well in a few seconds.

    As people have written many times in reply to your comments it's great that you take the time to get involved on the fan level. Cheers.