Monday, 6 June 2011

Who watches Pioneer One?

I thought it would be interesting to see who watches Pioneer One, and what the different demographics think of it. How can I do this you ask? Well I polled everyone in the world by post and have most of the answers back now... No, I looked on their IMDB page here. I get the following points from this, assuming this represents accurate polling, which is a big if.
  • Most people dug it and gave it a 10.
  • The older people are, the less they seemed to like it. I read somewhere though that this is common across the board. Kids will either give something a 10 or ignore it, but older people will give things 4 and 5 out of ten. Even with stuff they really like, they're less likely to give a 10 too, sine they have more to compare it to.
  • It's viewed more outside the US. I suspect this may be down to voting than anything else.
  • It's watched far more by males than females, although I'm also guessing males simply vote more on website then females.
  • It's predominantly watched by 18-44 year olds.
  • Those two points aside, the one girl under 18 who did bother voting loved it.
  • Non-US viewers liked it somewhat more than US viewers. Interesting this one, though again perhaps down to polling bias.

What do you make of the stats?

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  1. As a non-US viewer who has also spent extensive time living in the US in the past, I think that last one may be down to production value expectations. In the US, pretty much everything on television looks like it was sent through a glossing machine before airing. By comparison, P1 looks a bit unintentionally homemade, something that many US viewers may find less charming and more annoying.

    Outside the US (with perhaps the exception of the UK and Australia), we're more accustomed to accepting low-budget productions as part of life. In Turkey, where I'm currently based, P1 looks pretty much like everything else on telly in terms of production quality. I wouldn't think to mark it down. Same is true in most Euro countries - P1 is gorgeous compared to TV in, for example, Italy or Spain.

    Just a theory.