Friday, 4 March 2011

Walzer's Diagrams

In the first of a few posts I'll be doing on easter eggs, here are some screenshots of Walzer's workings as seen in episode 2. I've no idea if any of this makes sense, so if anyone can knows please post a comment.

These two are the board in the abortive seminar:

Disclaimer: I love maps! This looks like an old-ish possibly Dutch map of Mars. You can see "Assumed 16th March 1983" and "too late" written on it. It has similarities with an 1883 map you can view here: they both have the names M├Ądler Land and Huygens Land. If anyone can find a decent copy of this map on the net, or identify it, please post in the comments. I'm going to be doing further research on this.

This is the diagram Walzer uses in the flashback. My favourite easter egg I think in this episode is the date: six days before 9/11. If the committee were wary of funding a Mars mission before 9/11 they certainly weren't going to do it after.

Please post a comment if you have any insights or observations.


  1. Found the map:

    The blog post doesn't have more info (I don't speak dutch though so I could be wrong).

    I doubt a scientist would be using that one though, since it was just somebody's imagination running wild (oceans etc.). I also don't get why he would superimpose U.S.S.R on it.

  2. Sorry ... found the original article in English

  3. Good stuff, thanks for taking the time to post. I wondered why an obviously old map was theretoo, maybe its a good luck charm or something, or just a cool visual.