Wednesday, 9 March 2011

Some further episode 2 easter eggs

Here is the last batch of things I noticed in episode 2. You can click on any images to make them bigger.

Judging by the things on Tom's desk I'm guessing he's not got much of a home to go to:

I can't really make out much of this. It's some sort of schematic. I can read at the bottom:
Marc Gates / Please have this information verified or corrected prior to fabrication (all holes are 5/8'' or 1 1/4 slots) Call if there's ?s / Thank You / Frank M Amberg.

You'll be pleased to see the production team aren't wasting your hard earned donations on Windows Vista licences, but are using Linux instead. It's Gentoo, kernel 2.6.17. No idea what the command line stuff is about though. I also have no idea what operating system the DHS actually use.

Two envelopes addressed to Sofia and Tom. Sofia's one got a few seconds close up in an establishing shot.

Feel free to post any observations in the comments. Also if there are any other easter eggs out there I've missed then let me know.

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  1. The terminal shows that someone decompressed byond, an engine to write and play multiplayer games:

    I like the desktop they used (and of course that it is Linux). I don't know if "PDP-10" (probably the hostname) is a coincidence or not. Maybe that is an easter egg :)